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UNIQ Building Group - Inspired by a passion for unique construction 


Whether it’s building a new home or making improvements to your existing home, Uniq Building Group has the expertise, knowledge and experience to make it happen. 


Uniq Building Group combines the structural accuracy with a vision built on the dreams of the client. We have built across Sydney with over 20 years of experience in the building industry. We believe every client is unique and thus every project is unique in from its beginning to it's final touches. Where there is a challenge we only see an opportunity. This is the positive outlook that forms the driving force behind Uniq Building Group.


Unique design, structural construction and accurate details all intertwine to fuel the projects brought to life by Uniq Building Group. Uniq has flourished from the knowledge, experience and persistence of creative director Danny Zanzoul. With initial education as a carpenter, Danny Zanzoul became associated with top-tier building companies in Sydney & Brisbane. We enforce how a main focus on the future of family is to be reflected in our clients dream home. A house that is built to be a home. 

As a service-based company, we provide construction management, cost-plus projects, remedial, joint-ventures, commercial-residential work, design and construct work, renovations and extensions.


We place great importance on providing our clients with expert knowledge about products, time and design to  ensure all necessary needs are met, including the sustainability factor of each project.




“Every project we undertake is unique to its form, clientele and ambition. Every project offers a different challenge and thus a different reward based on their goals. SO, our construction management is like a chameleon based on who our client is at the time and the project specifics.” - Director of Uniq Building Group, Danny Zanzoul


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